• Upcoming events

    28 September
    International Right To Know Day

    6-7 October
    Seminar on press freedom, standards and media services.
    Santiago, Chile

    14 October
    United Nations Day

    17 October
    Training Seminar UNESCO- Colunga Foundation fellows
    Santiago, Chile

    7-11 November
    XIII Conferences of the Iberoamerican Cooperation Network for the Education of People with Special Educational Needs (RIINEE): UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
    La Antigua, Guatemala

    8-10 November
    Regional joint event - Education Assessment
    Dirección Nacional de Evaluación de Argentina
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    15 November
    Launching: Chilean Heritage Map
    Santiago, Chile

    16 November
    UNESCO's anniversay

    1 December
    World AIDS Day


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