Newsletters by UNESCO Santiago

The UNESCO Santiago Bureau prepares a periodical newsletter on different issues, including UNESCO’s contribution to accomplishing the Education for All goals in the Region. To receive this newsletter, please contact Comunicaciones.santiago(at)

Newsletter Laboratory for Assessment of the Quality of Education (LLECE)
Latest news about LLECE work in learning assessment and other related activities.

E-Newsletter Education for All in Latin America and the Caribbean
This digital bulletin offers a glimpse at the activities UNESCO has been undertaking in the sphere of education in Latin America and the Caribbean. We will bring you information contributed by the UNESCO offices and institutes in the region, and will report on UNESCO’s work with the Member States and the National Co-operation Commissions.

Newsletter Education Innovations Network for Latin America and the Caribbean (Innovemos)
Newsletter from this educative innovations network with the latest contents added to the website of the initiative, including references to the activities that take place every month.

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