Internship on comprehensive early childhood care was held in Cuba

From 17 to 21 June, an internship was held in Cuba to provide Early Childhood Care and Education specialists from the Dominican Republic and Cuba with a framework of reference regarding this important issue, by sharing experiences, methods and strategies that have helped consolidate public policies on early childhood in the Caribbean islands.

Led by the Latin American Reference Centre for Preschool Education (CELEP) of the Enrique José Varona University of Pedagogical Sciences in collaboration with the UNESCO Office in Havana, the internship’s participants included Rosa Amalia Morillo, director of the Department of Early Childhood Programmes and Projects of the Dominican Ministry of Education, Francisca Severino, head of Children’s Programmes and Stays of the same institution, Manila Cáceres, professor and CELEP collaborator, Jeneidy García, educator for the “Los Textileritos” Children’s Circle, and Pablo Castilla, a professor who volunteers for the UNESCO Office in Havana.

The course included guided visits to children’s circles in the Cuban capital, as well as concrete experiences in relation to the “Educa a tu Hijo” Programme (Educate Your Child, in English), where they were first-hand witnesses to the interventions being carried out in the country in this area, in both rural and urban sectors. They also implemented different encounters with universities in order to learn more about the continuing education programmes and strategies directed towards members of the education community.

The Dominican participants highlighted the course’s relevance as a theoretical-practical formative component that will help reinforce the successful implementation of the different strategies to be developed in their own country in terms of comprehensive early childhood care, and which encourage the active participation of the community and local institutions in childhood education.

This educational activity has been carried out at a crucial time for the Dominican Republic, where the government has declared its commitment to early childhood care through different actions including the “Quisqueya Empieza Contigo” Programme (It Begins with You, in English), which is primarily aimed at establishing an early childhood comprehensive care and protection system in order to organise, coordinate, integrate  and regulate the existing offer of services, and expand this offer in terms of coverage and quality through a set of comprehensive care strategies directed towards children from 0 to 5 years of age, their families and communities.

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