The UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning in Buenos Aires organised a debate cycle on education and technology

Between May and August, the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning regional headquarters in Buenos Aires and INTEL Software de Argentina S.A are holding a series of four academic debates on ITC policies in education systems. The debate cycle aims to identify issues and questions, in order to produce relevant knowledge that contributes to policy decision making on technology in education.

The motions selected for discussion are key areas in building Latin America’s education agendas. To this end, experts from a wide range of fields (teachers, IT experts, engineers, psychologists, sociologists, historians) have been brought together to allow exchange of opinions and debate on the selected topics: ubiquitous learning and digital content; managing and evaluating ITC integration in education centres; infrastructure, connectivity, and devices - models and experiences; and technology, social inclusion, and citizenship.

As this cycle of academic debates draws to a close, plans call for the preparation of a document that draws on the series’ key thoughts and conclusions to systematise a suite of policy recommendations.

The final debate will be held on 13 August, 2013.

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