Workshop on Culture of Peace and HIV Prevention, Caracas-Venezuela

Photo: © Mirna Khawam

Within the framework of the project “Andean school for training teachers to create a culture of peace and HIV-AIDS prevention”, the workshop on applying Modules I and II of said initiative was conducted on May 15 and 16 in Venezuela.

The workshop was conducted in Galipan, in the Venezuela state of Vargas and was inaugurated by Maria Teresa Centeno, Vice-Rector of Extension Service of Universidad Pedagogica Experimental Libertador (Spanish acronym UPEL). The activity received constant and key support from Humberto Gonzalez Rosario, professor of UPEL, and was actively participated by 24 people hailing from different regions of Venezuela and representing a wide range of professions (doctors, non-profit coordinators, government officials, artists, teachers from education institutions, university professors, psychologists, administrators, lawyers, among others), who shared an interest in engaging with the topic, exchanging with each other and gaining a deeper understanding of culture of peace and HIV prevention.

Similar to other Andean countries, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has a comprehensive national policy framework which allows for capitalizing on potentials by focusing on rights, and placing the issue of HIV prevention in the realm of education in particular. In this context, UNESCO provided every participant with a pedagogical toolbox, filled with materials to plan activities for sex education and HIV-AIDS prevention, focusing on gender and on creating a culture of peace.  

To wrap up the workshop, various Venezuelan organisations showcased materials and presented their HIV prevention work experiences. Afterwards, regional conferences on HIV prevention policies with a focus on gender and on creating a culture of peace are scheduled to take place in Quito in September of 2013.

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