Towards better literacy achievements in the 2nd grade of primary schools: government collaborative action and learning assessment in Ceará State, Brazil, 2007-2010

By Ana Valeska Amaral Gomes

This paper describes and analyses the Programa Alfabetização na Idade Certa, (PAIC) Literacy Program at the Right Age, which has been conducted by the Ceará State Secretariat for Basic Education since 2007, aiming at better literacy achievements in the 2nd grade of primary education. It focuses on the programme’s design and implementation and highlights: a) the facts that have influenced the decision-making process to formulate PAIC and framed its design; b) the main features of the collaborative action to implement the program, structured by the State of Ceará and its municipalities; c) the role of the two types of external learning assessments implemented under PAIC.

The paper concludes with some lessons learnt that might be useful for other Brazilian states and municipalities which face the similar challenge in fighting illiteracy at primary schools.

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