30.10.2013 - UNESCO Office in Santiago

OREALC/UNESCO Santiago to participate in Bett Latin America Leadership Summit

Imagen que forma parte del evento en Sao Paulo.

30 October to 1 November, 2013. São Paulo, Brazil.


The BETT show (formerly known as "The British Educational Training and Technology Show) is an annual UK event that showcases the use of information technology in education.

Bett is the world’s most prestigious education and technology congress, with a track record going back over 30 years. It brings together an international community with an interest centring on technology and knowledge to foster permanent learning.

In 2014 this world class event will for the first time be held overseas, moving to São Paulo, Brazil, under the name “Bett Latin America Leadership Summit”, thus creating the region’s leading forum for the discussion of education technology.

The Summit’s conference sessions were designed following in-depth research by over 100 investigators and decision makers in the region. OREALC/UNESCO Santiago, represented by its Director, Jorge Sequeira, has formed part of the Bett Latin America advisory council, helping to design a high-quality programme of relevance to the region’s current education ICT situation.

Participants will hail from 20 countries and 14 education and technology ministries, including 27 representatives of federal, state, and municipal government, and delegates from 24 education institutions. Half of the participants will be from Brazil, 30% from the rest of Latin America, and 20% from further afield.

Atilio Pizarro, the Head of Planning, Management, Monitoring, and Assessment at OREALC/UNESCO Santiago, will take part in a panel on education and students: “How does access to technology affect learning outcomes?”; he will also give a presentation on “Strategic approaches to ICT in education in Latin America and the Caribbean"; and he will be the moderator for a panel on “Equality through technology: how can technology deliver greater access to education and equality for all students?”.

The UNESCO representative will address these issues from the following perspective: Quality education, as a fundamental and universal right, is facing a landscape of paradigm shifts at the dawn of the 21st century. The development attained by ICT in recent years makes it vital for the education system to update its practices and content in line with the new information society. Thus, two dimensions emerge as of particular relevance in developing a new educational challenge in the schools of Latin America and the Caribbean: renovating education practices, and strategies linked to measuring learning outcomes.

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