12.09.2013 - UNESCO Office in Santiago

Capacity building and upgrading workshop for the Colombian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO

UNESCO Santiago hosted the “Perspectives from Colombia at UNESCO” workshop on September 9 and 10 for the Colombian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO. The training activity aimed at strengthening and upgrading the Commission’s capacities in undertaking its key role as the Organization’s cooperation partner in the country.

The Colombian national commission comprises delegates from the country’s ministry of Foreign Relations, Education, IT and Communications, Environment and Sustainable Development, and Culture, as well as the directors of the country’s Administrative Department for Science, Technology, and Information – Colciencias in Spanish– and from the Agency for International Cooperaton.

The meeting featured a review of all activities currently in progress that fall within UNESCO’s areas of action, discussion of the role of the Commission and UNESCO’s in-country offices, and investigation of possibilities for action and partnership in those fields. 

The workshop was led by Paz Portales, coordinator of UNESCO Regional Education Programme based in Santiago; she highlighted how “national commissions for cooperation with UNESCO make a major contribution to the organization’s work on the ground, to implementation, information exchange, and awareness, so activities like this one represent a fantastic opportunity to coordinate, to exchange information and past experiences, and to explore new possibilities and cooperation mechanisms based on mutual strengths”.

The meeting was exceedingly well-received by its participants, who underscored the collaborative work taking place - particularly in light of the 37th Session of the UNESCO General Conference to be held from November 5 to 20, 2013, where the UNESCO Medium-Term Strategy effective through 2021 and the 2014 to 2017 UNESCO Programme and Budget will be approved.

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