03.11.2014 Lima Declaration prioritises educational quality, inclusivity and equity to guarantee the right to education and contribute to reduce inequality and poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean

23.10.2014 Latin America and the Caribbean review progress towards the six goals of Education For All in the region, and establish their perspective on priorities for the post-2015 educational agenda

01.09.2014 Regional Ministerial Meeting “Education for All in Latin America and the Caribbean: Post-2015 Assessment and Challenges”

26.06.14 UNESCO: No progress in reducing global number of children out of school

11.06.14 Aid to education down 10% since 2010

22.05.14 NGOs from around the world discuss post-2015 education in Santiago, Chile

19.05.14 Representatives from around the world to gather in Chile for the “Collective Consultation of NGOs on Education for All”

13.05.14 With a view to the 2015 agenda, 2014 LAC Regional Youth Forum meets in Ecuador

12.05.14 International Conference in Oman to assess progress towards Education For All goals and identify new challenges

29.04.14 Education for All Global Action Week. Equal right, Equal Opportunity: Education and Disability

10.04.2014 Gender Summary turns spotlight on girls’ education

29.01.14 Global learning crisis is costing $129 billion a year

28.01.14 Calidad de los docentes y equidad de la enseñanza, centro del Informe de Seguimiento de la Educación para Todos en el Mundo 2013/2014

20.01.14 Global Monitoring Report NewsAlert: Launch of the 2013/4 Report

13.11.13 Mexico and Brazil debate in UNESCO about post-2015 education challenges

12.11.2013 UNESCO and the Spanish international co-operation to make headway on the post-2015 education agenda in Montevideo

10.10.13 United Nations in Chile hosts workshop on post-2015 international development agenda

02.10.13 The Global Action Week for Education in Chile commenced with a discussion about the responsibility of educators in ensuring the right to education.

25.09.13 Teachers take centre stage at Global Action Week for Education 2013

12.07.13 Children still battling to go to school

04.07.2013 Reading Promotion will be a Key Component of the Post-2015 Educational Agenda

07.05.13 Los ingresos derivados de los recursos naturales podrían reducir en un 86% el número de niños sin escolarizar en 17 países en desarrollo

19.04.13 UNESCO puts spotlight on equity and teachers during at the Global Education First Initiative meeting

17.04.13 Global Action Week 2013 (21-27 April)

15.03.13 Directora general de la UNESCO: "Estamos listos para acompañar al gobierno de México"

25.02.13 Global Meeting of the Thematic Consultation on Education in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

13.02.13 Nations of Latin America and the Caribbean outline the bases for education in the Post-2015 period

30.01.13 Interview: Jaime Perczyk: “The learning needs of the new generations pose new challenges both inside and outside the school system"

30.01.13 Representatives from Latin America and the Caribbean meet in Mexico to address educational challenges in the region

21.01.13 Interview: Juan Carlos Tedesco: “Achieving educational goals is no longer a distant utopia but a real possibility”

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