01.07.2013 - UNESCO Office in Santiago

Education Agenda Post 2015. Latin America and the Caribbean

As 2015 approaches, a process of reflection about the post-2015 development and education agendas has started involving all UN organizations, international cooperation agencies, Governments, CSOs, and a wide range of partners.

In the LAC region, the UNESCO Regional Education Office in Santiago has launched a process of analysis to give impetus to achieve the 2015 education goals, and to advance in the design of the post-2015 education agenda for the region.

As part of this process, two salient activities have been undertaken:

  • Together with ECLAC (UN Economic Commission for LAC), establishment of an inter- agency working group to reflect collectively on the post-2015 education agenda. This Group is being expanded to include other partners.
  • Production of two reports on the state of education in LAC that provide a diagnosis of progress towards the 2015 goals and education projections in the post-2015 period.
    • The 1st report was presented at the Global Education Meeting (GEM) in November 2012 The State of Education in Latin America and the Caribbean : Towards Education for All by 2015 and beyond.
    • The 2nd report was presented at the LAC Ministerial Meeting of Mexico in January 2013: Regional Report on Education for All in Latin America and the Caribbean / Global Education for All Meeting.

The meeting in Mexico was convened at the occasion of the 3rd Board Meeting of the Regional Education Project for Latin America and the Caribbean (EFA/PRELAC). At the meeting the Ministers discussed the educational challenges facing the region and reached a consensus for the upcoming post-2015 education agenda.

They validated the road map which will guide the efforts of UN, UNESCO and Member States in the design of the post-2015 education agenda, and called for enhanced convergence between the emerging post-2015 education agenda a.k.a. EFA + and the post-2015 development agenda a.k.a. MDG+.

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