03.03.2004 - UNESCO Office in Santiago

La educación de niños con talento en Iberoamérica

Every person has a right to receive an education that develops his or her abilities to the fullest extent. Guaranteeing this right involves insuring equality of opportunities; offering to each person help and resources according to individual characteristics and needs.

There is a growing recognition of the importance of considering individual differences during the educational process. However, education systems continue to offer uniform responses to very diverse needs. This creates a significant barrier to achieving the full learning and participation of all students. Such mind-set leads to viewing differences in terms of normative criteria so that all of those who are outside of what is supposedly "normal" are channeled into targeted programs, excluded, or simply ignored.

This publication offers an overview of the education situation of gifted students in seven Latin American countries and in Spain, providing a series of guidelines to aid teachers and other professionals to identify these students and to provide them with a response that is appropriate to their educational needs. The focus here is on academic talent rather than other kinds such as artistic or athletic.

With this publication, the UNESCO Regional Bureau of Education wishes to help identify gifted students who currently may go unperceived in classrooms so they may receive an education that maximizes their abilities and facilitates their full participation in school and in society.

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