20.12.2011 - UNESCO Office in Santiago

Políticas Públicas para la Infancia: Voces desde las Cátedras UNESCO de Chile

This published work comprises articles written by scholars and researchers of UNESCO chairs in Chile.

The book is an initiative of the Chilean National Commission for Cooperation and UNESCO which consists of eleven articles that reflect on and debate about national public policies for children and adolescents.

The book was compiled from papers presented at the eponymous seminar, and received support from experts at<a name="_GoBack"></a> the Research Centre of the Ministry of Education.

Articles of the book:

“A diagnosis of preschool education in Chile: progress and challenges”*. Andrea Rolla, Paola Leal y Natalia Torres.

“Social representations of childhood: discourse and practises”. Olga Grau.

“Creating a space for discourse: ideas to consider”. Dora Lilian Marín

“Reflections on the (unfair) disparities in childhood”. Graciela Frijerio.

“From objects of protection to subjects with rights”. Soledad Larraín.

“Human rights education: an imminent challenge”. Abraham Magendzo.

“Childhood from a gender studies perspective”. Carolina Franch, Luna Follegati e Isabel Pemjean.

“Interdisciplinary policies on adolescent violence.” Laura Germain

“Comprehensive childhood protection and challenges in healthcare services”. Miguel Cordero, Lucía Vergara, Felipe Arriet y Andrea Torres.

“Sex education: a public issue”. Aldo Meneses.

“Absence and questionable protagonists.” Victoria Uranga.

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