09.09.2013 - UNESCO Office in Santiago

Strategic approaches on the use of TICS in education in Latin America and the Caribbean

The information and communication technologies (ICTs) have reached such a development in the XXI century, that access to a quality education as a fundamental right is facing an unprecedented challenge: to update the practices and content of the educational system for the new information society.

This upgrade includes several challenges: the pedagogical incorporation of ICTs into the classroom and in the school curriculum; the modernization of initial and in-service training of teachers; the development of public policies that ensure that the implementation of reforms that impact on education systems contribute to improve the coverage and quality of technological infrastructure (hardware, software and access to information and communication services;) and the use ICTs as an opportunity to improve school management, which involves training directors and administrative personnel in these new technologies .

This document, prepared by UNESCO, offers ideas for the design of a new educational paradigm, to effectively put technology in the center of each student's learning process and in the development of their full potential, so that everybody can contribute to the development of a more just, democratic and integrated society.

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