25.09.2008 - UNESCO Office in Santiago

The State of Education in Latin America and the Caribbean: guaranteeing quality education for all. Regional Review and Assessment Report on progress toward EFA (2008, revised version)

This Report does not represent a “compendium” of statistics but an evidence-based account on the state of education predicated on understanding education as a fundamental Human Right. Consequently, this account is structured, on the one hand, around the dimensions that define such a right and, on the other, characterise public action in the field of education. The document seeks to account for the relevance, pertinence and equity of education, as well as the efficiency and efficacy of current education systems.

This broader view, going beyond the instrumental and/or reductionist approaches that have predominated in the development of education systems, offers the basis for improving and strengthening their capacity to effectively generate information which is not only timely and reliable but, at the same time, relevant and meaningful. This is seen as an essential component in the face of current educational challenges and in line with the view that education is the cornerstone of the educational policy strategies identified as key initiatives for advancing PRELAC.

This document, which provides a contemporary vision of the objectives of education, is the result of a process undertaken collectively by the countries of the region. Preparatory meetings of PRELAC’s Intergovernmental Committee have made possible a detailed discussion of the organisation and scope of the present review.

The Report is the first of a biennial series intended to contribute to national efforts from a regional perspective of the state of education.


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