UNESCO/Juan Bosch Prize for the Promotion of Social Science Research in Latin America and the Caribbean

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The Prize was instituted by the Executive Board, at the initiative of the Government of the Dominican Republic, in connection with the commemoration of the centenary of Professor Bosch’s birth in 2009. In creating the Prize, the Member States on the Executive Board recognized the remarkable contribution of Professor Juan Bosch to the study of social and political processes in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean region.

Awarded every two years, the Prize is intended to reward the best social science thesis of young researchers. The thesis, on a Latin America and the Caribbean subject, has to have made a significant research contribution to the promotion of social science research geared to social development policies in the region.

It was awarded for the first time in 2012 to Ms Karen Nathalia Cerón Steevens (Colombia), in recognition of the quality of her research on youth violence in Central America.

Inspired by the life of Professor Juan Bosch and the humanist spirit of his work, the Prize seeks to foster critical, rigorous and independent research on contemporary challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean, in ways that are useful for stronger public policies and practices. The objective of the Prize is to motivate young researchers to work in support of shared values of human rights and dignity and to promote new forms of solidarity.

The award winners receive a diploma and a monetary award of 10,000 US dollars.

Call for Candidates - 2015 Edition

UNESCO invites Members States in consultation with their National Commissions, and non-governmental organizations in official partnership with UNESCO and active in a field covered by the Prize to propose candidates for the UNESCO-Juan Bosch Prize for the Promotion of Social Science Research in Latin America and the Caribbean 2015.

Extension of deadline for the submission of candidates: 27 February 2015 at midnight.

Who is eligible?

Candidates are required to make a significant contribution to the promotion of social sciences research geared to social development policies. It is required that each candidate application is accompanied by a recommendation letter with the following information: 1) an historical overview of the candidate’s academic and professional accomplishments, 2) a summary of the research thesis and of its results as well as other publications and documents that are submitted for the jury’s consideration, and 3) a letter on the candidate’s contribution to the objectives of the Prize.

How to submit your nomination

Nominations for the Prize should be submitted, no later than 27 February 2015, by filling out the nomination form in either English or Spanish, by post (the original form) and by e-mail (advanced copy).

Members States may not submit more than three candidates for any one edition of the Prize. No individual submissions will be allowed.

For more information

Download the Nomination Form

Send it, duly signed and stamped, to

UNESCO/Juan Bosch Prize
Social and Human Sciences Sector
Mr Germán Solinís
Executive Secretary
1 rue Miollis
75732 Paris Cedex 15 FRANCE
Tel.: + 33 1 45 68 38 37
E-mail: g.solinis(at)unesco.org / premio.juan.bosch(at)unesco.org

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