Transnational Migration and Changing Gender Relations in Peruvian and Bolivian Cities

Tanja Bastia and Erika Busse

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Labour migration has profound implications for the reconfiguration of gender relations. Most of the literature has focused on the changing status of women in so-called ‘host’ countries. However, it is well recognised that migration creates ripples of change throughout the migration process, not just at destinations. in this paper we draw the readers’ attention to the changes that take place as a result of cross-border labour migration in places of origin. We focus on gender as an analytical concept, rather than just women as subjects. Through a comparative analysis of male-led and women-led migration, we analyse the changes that migration brings about for women in places of origin, particularly Bolivian and Peruvian cities. On the basis of in-depth interviews with women in low-income urban and peri- urban neighbourhoods we find that in both women-led and male-led migration patriarchal relations are challenged but then reconstituted.

Suggested bibliographic reference for this article:

Bastia, T. and Busse, E. Transnational Migration and Changing Gender Relations in Peruvian and Bolivian Cities. Diversities. 2011, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 19-34, UNESCO. ISSN 2079-6595.

About the authors:

Tanja Bastia is Lecturer in Urban Development at the University of Manchester, U.K. Her research focuses on inequality, mobility and space, with a particular interest in gender and labour migration. she is currently writing a monograph based on longitudinal and multi-sited research with Bolivian migrants in argentina and spain. Previous professional experience included working as a research associate at the Universities of Cardiff and swansea and as a consultant for the international Labour Office in Geneva; DFiD-funded projects on small-scale artisanal mining and social development research as well as numerous collaborations with non-governmental organizations in Bolivia, Peru and the U.K.

Erika Busse is a Doctoral student in sociology at the University of Minnesota, U.S., where she specialises in international migration and gender relations within family. she plans to extend her dissertation into a book that explores the transnational life experiences of Peruvian migrants to the U.S. and their families left behind.

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