Note sur les relations entre religion et système éducatif en Russie

(Religion and Education in Russia)

Mikhaïl Sivertsev

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This article examines the relationship between the country’s leading religions (namely, Orthodoxy, Islam and Protestantism), the new religious movements and the modern Russian education system. The author provides an up-to-date list of the existing educational institutions of the above mentioned religions, their system of organization. He also examines the impact they have on Russian societies and the problems and challenges, which impede their qualitative and quantitative development. Despite the increase of « professional » clergymen since the end of the soviet era, religious educational institutions have failed to provide high-quality religious education of an interest to modern Russian youth. The author demonstrates that such a failure has led main religions to try to integrate themselves into the secular educational institutions, with mitigate success for the Orthodox and Muslim religions to achieve this integration mostly in secondary schools. In view of the existing religious diversity in Russia, this attempt has been a controversial issue. The author argues that the reform of religious education is far from being completed and seems to be a highly ambiguous process.

Suggested bibliographic reference for this article:

Sivertsev, Mikhaïl. Note sur les relations entre religion et système éducatif en Russie. IJMS: International Journal on Multicultural Societies. 2000, vol. 2, no.2, pp. 218-223. UNESCO. ISSN 1817-4574.

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