L'institution militaire face à la pluralité religieuse dans l'État russe

(The Military and Religious Pluralism in Russia)

Françoise Daucé

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Since the end of the USSR, political and religious pluralism legally established by the Russian constitution contradicts the old forms of totalitarian political arrangements. This contradiction is particularly sensitive in the Russian army whose essence is traditionally against religious pluralism. In order to decrease this contradiction, the high ranked military staff has tried to integrate the religious factor into the army by reestablishing the old Russian tradition of union with the Orthodox Church. The Russian State, which also uses Orthodox symbols to assert its political domination, allows this practice in the army. However, within the post-soviet system, this approach is contested by other religious organizations and secular groups. The traditional approach and the plural approach to religion are in conflict with one another and brought arbitrary behavior and an overall disorganization within the military. Wars in Chechnya also fuels these religious tensions within the military and the Russian State in its overall.

Suggested bibliographic reference for this article:

Daucé, Françoise. L'institution militaire face à la pluralité religieuse dans l'Etat russe. IJMS: International Journal on Multicultural Societies. 2000, vol. 2, no.2, pp. 152-174. UNESCO. ISSN 1817-4574. www.unesco.org/shs/ijms/vol2/issue2/art3

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