Matthias Koenig

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The current thematic issue of UNESCO's International Journal on Multicultural Societies (IJMS) addresses the governance of cultural diversity in post-colonial settings. Building directly on our debate of political integration in modern nation-states (see Vol. 5, No. 1), the contributions to this issue, which are based on a conference sponsored by the UK Economic and Social Research Council's 'Future Governance' programme, attempt to broaden the agenda of policy-oriented and comparative social science research on cultural diversity by including postcolonial societies, notably South Africa, Malaysia, India, and Pakistan (...).

Suggested bibliographic reference for this article:

Koenig, Matthias. Editorial. IJMS: International Journal on Multicultural Societies. 2003, vol. 5, no.2, pp. 104-105. UNESCO. ISSN 1817-4574. www.unesco.org/shs/ijms/vol5/issue2/ed

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