Migrant Workers in Rural Scotland: “Going to the Middle of Nowhere”

Birgit Jentsch, Philomena De Lima, Brian MacDonald

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This paper explores the under-researched area of international migration and rural areas. It = examines what the possible implications are of commonly cited “identifiers of rural labour markets” for the migrant population. Moreover, recent trends in international migration to the Highlands and Islands provide the context in which research findings on employers’ and migrant workers’ experiences in this region are presented. The paper concludes that substantial numbers of migrant workers will remain a long term feature of this rural area. With appropriate interventions by the relevant authorities, rural communities may recognise the contributions by migrant workers more than those made by many “life quality” internal migrants in the past. However, issues of securing “high quality employment” are as pertinent for the migrant population as they are for other rural community members, many of whom have left their communities to find employment elsewhere.

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Jentsch, B., De Lima, P., MacDonald, B. Migrant Workers in Rural Scotland: “Going to the Middle of Nowhere”. IJMS: International Journal on Multicultural Societies. 2007, vol.9, no.1, pp.35-53. UNESCO. ISSN 1817-4574. www.unesco.org/shs/ijms/vol9/issue1/art2

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