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The International Social Science Journal (ISSJ), founded by UNESCO in 1949, is published quarterly.

Its purpose is to bridge diverse communities of social scientists, working in different problems and disciplines and in different parts of the world. It provides information and debate on subjects of interest to an international readership, written by an equally international range of authors. The ISSJ has a particular interest in policy-relevant questions and interdisciplinary approaches. It serves as a forum for review, reflection and discussion informed by the results of relevant research, rather than as an outlet of “first publication” for the results of individual research projects.

The bulk of each issue is devoted to thematic sections comprising commissioned articles and selected submissions from open calls. Unsolicited manuscripts are also welcome for the “Open Forum”, “Continuing Debate” and “Professional Issues” sections. Prospective contributors should bear in mind the profile of the journal as described above.

Current Issue

ISSJ 209/210 - Globalisation and New Geographies of Religion

ISSJ 209/210 - Globalisation and New Geographies of Religion

  • Globalisation and new geographies of religion: new regimes in the movement, circulation and territory of cults and beliefs
    Lionel Obadia
  • The planetarisation of faith positions: the role and importance of religion in global capitalism
    Raphaël Liogier
  • A global geography of the spirit: the case of Catholic Charismatic communities
    Thomas J. Csordas
  • Localised deterritorialisation? The case of the glocalisation of Tibetan Buddhism in France and worldwide
    Lionel Obadia
  • Authority and liquid religion in cyber-space: the new territories of religious communication
    Adam Possamai and Bryan S. Turner
  • Assessing the role of property rights and legal empowerment in poverty reduction
    Ellen Hillbom, David Alm, Andreas Inghammar and Yahia Mahmoud
  • Document
    World Social Science Report 2013: Changing Global Environments (summary)

Preceding issue (207-208): States of Theory: Contemporary Schools of Thought and Institutions of Knowledge
Next issue (211/212): Interpreting Environmental Responsibility


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