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SHSviews 17 - June-September 2007

UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Sector Magazine


Dossier: Young People – Making Tomorrow’s World / Interview with Dick Wathika: “Racism hampers development” / Social Transformations: New phase for UNESCO’s MOST programme

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This issue of SHSviews covers topical issues from June to September 2007:

Dossier: Young People – Making Tomorrow’s World (PDF]
Since young people are not only the builders of tomorrow’s world but first and foremost actors in today’s world, UNESCO has for some time now made it a priority for young people to participate in choosing what will concern them in the future, because in less than twenty years, nine out of ten young people will be living in developing countries.
In the United Nations, the UNESCO Youth Forum is the only one of its kind. It began in 1999 and has since become an integral part of the Organization’s General Conference.
In the recent decision to bring youth activities closer to its Social and Human Sciences programme, UNESCO has moved on to a new stage. Through this approach, the Organization hopes it will not only help young people obtain the right tools for developing their potential, but also contribute to the development of public policies that will give more thought to the needs of the most marginalized groups of young people.

Interview with Dick Wathika: “Racism hampers development” [PDF]
From the urgent need to halt the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa, through empowerment of women, to fostering economic and social development in Africa, the Mayor of Nairobi, Kenya, reveals to SHS Views his observations on the struggle of the brand new African Coalition of Cities against Racism and Discrimination.

Social Transformations: New phase for UNESCO’s MOST programme [PDF]
UNESCO’s Management of Social Transformations (MOST) programme is the only United Nations programme tasked with contributing to public policy development in order to face today’s changing world through research in the social sciences and as such, MOST might be said to be the crossing point between the two.
From 16 to 18 July next, the 8th session of the Intergovernmental Council, responsible for the programme’s implementation, should indeed mark a new stage in the reshaping of the MOST programme. As soon as the session opens, there will be a round table of Ministers for Social Development from several regions of the world.

Also in SHS Views N° 17 [PDF]: 

    Emphasizing youth as a commitment to sustainable development, by Pierre Sané, UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences
  • Bioethics and human rights – a challenge for Arab States
  • States surveyed on health responsibilities
  • Ethics – 1st State Forum in Porto Alegre
  • Kenya inaugurates first bioethics centre

  • Human Rights
  • Benefiting from scientific progress – an “underdeveloped” right
  • Greece hosts symposium on science and human values
  • City alliance against discrimination continues
  • Bangkok training workshop on human security and peace

  • Philosophy
  • International network of women philosophers
  • Philosophy essay competition on Beijing Olympic Games

  • Social Transformations
  • International migration – putting an end to prejudice
  • Migrants and memories in the Mediterranean region
  • Population and development – an international conference in Mafikeng
  • MOST networks in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Regional integration in West Africa – seminar in Cape Verde and Guinea
  • Sustainable development – scientific solidarity for the South
  • UNESCO and youth activities to promote anti-doping
  • Americas renew anti-doping commitment
  • Taskforce in Jamaica
  • Conference in Tunis

  • Just Published
  • Reference work on philosophy teaching in the world
  • Tribute to three philosophers – Sartre, Aron and Nizan
  • Democracy and social justice in Asia and the Arab States
  • UNESCO meeting on dictionary of untranslatable terms
  • Karthala launches a series of publications on a UNESCO project
  • Courrier de la Planète – a double issue on migration
  • IJMS article discusses Netherlands multiculturalism

  • Poverty
    Three grants for Portuguese-speaking countries

    Calendar from June to September 2007

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