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SHSviews 21 - July-September 2008

UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Sector Magazine


Nantes, crossroads of cities against racism / Interview with Bernard Loing: “NGOs are the cornerstone of civil society” / Dossier: social and human sciences within National Commissions for UNESCO – Focus on Malawi

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This issue of SHSviews covers topical issues from July to September 2008:

Dossier - Social and Human Sciences within National Commissions for UNESCO – Focus on Malawi [PDF]
SHSviews continues its round-the-world journey in a bid to explore the way social and human sciences are perceived within the National Commissions for UNESCO. After the Philippines and Canada, this issue is an opportunity to visit Malawi, where social and human sciences are not handled within a separate programme but contribute to all projects by participating in a "silent revolution of society". 

Interview with Bernard Loing: “NGOs are the cornerstone of civil society” [PDF]
A true global forum collecting opinions and suggestions from NGOs on the priorities of action of the United Nations, the annual NGO conference organized by the Department of Information of the United Nations will be held for the first time in its history at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, from 3 to 5 September 2008. On the eve of this important meeting, the President of the International Conference of the 310 NGOs accredited to UNESCO invites us to review human rights in terms of universality and globalization. Bernard Loing considers NGOs as “the cornerstone of civil society” and asserts that they must play a larger role in world governance. 

Human Rights: Nantes, crossroads of cities against racism [PDF]
In 2004, the World Forum of Human Rights was launched in Nantes (France), at the initiative of UNESCO. That same year, UNESCO launched an appeal to cities around the world so that they organize themselves to fight more effectively against all forms of discrimination. Four years later, while 6 regional coalitions had been created and the Nantes Forum confirmed its success, it is at the "Cité des Ducs" that the launch of an international coalition of cities against racism was announced.

Also in SHSviews N° 21 [PDF]:

    The reasons for anger, by Pierre Sané, Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences

    Promoting principles, practices and ethical norms
  • Energy technologies: what ethics in Asia and the Pacific?
  • New perspectives for ethics in the Arab States
  • The global resources on ethics will be available soon on GEObs

  • Contributing to the dialogue of civilizations and cultures
  • Europe: "Voices of Youth against Racism"
  • A South-African think tank, winner of the 15th Education Peace Prize
  • "Why celebrate a World Day of Peace in 2008?" by Moufida Goucha, Chief of Human Security, Democracy and Philosophy Section of UNESCO
  • Call for nominations for the UNESCO / Bilbao 2008 Prize. Deadline: September 15, 2008

  • Directing research for action in the service of populations
  • "Greater Horn Horizon": intellectuals committed
  • Sport for Peace? An open debate in Zanzibar
  • Building a centre for women for the Great Lakes Region
  • 600 youths expected in Quebec for a world congress
  • International Meeting of Youth in Bahrain
  • 2nd UNESCO Youth Forum in Asia
  • Neighbourhood youth investigate on the role of migrants in the city
  • Fight against youth violence: a UNESCO project in Salvador awarded
  • Conference at UNESCO on the first great migrations of peoples
  • What freedom of movement at the regional level?
  • Giving value to the qualifications of migrants

  • Publications
  • That Pesky Rat for educating children in need
  • The rights of migrant workers: a special issue of Hommes et migrations
  • Russian literature for children crosses borders
  • International Journal on Multicultural Societies: Tests of citizenship are now scrutinized
  • Bioethical Perspectives in the Asia-Pacific region

  • Readers’ forum
    “UNESCO, a network, instigator of networks”, by Michael Omolewa, Nigeria's Ambassador and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, President of the General Conference of the Organization from 2003 to 2005

    Back cover
  • Call for applications for small research grants against poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Submission deadline: August 31, 2008.
  • The calendar of SHS activities from July to September 2008

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