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SHSviews 22 - October-December 2008

UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Sector Magazine


Human Rights: UNESCO at the forefront / Interview with Fanie du Toit: “Social justice is about making concrete decisions” / Dossier - Social and human sciences within National Commissions for UNESCO: Zoom on Cuba

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This issue of SHSviews covers topical issues from October to December 2008: 

Human Rights: UNESCO at the forefront [PDF]
To commemorate 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UNESCO has moved to the forefront, organizing throughout the year 2008, a series of events, under the slogan of the United Nations campaign “Dignity and Justice For All of Us”. 

Interview with Fanie du Toit: “Social justice is about making concrete decisions” [PDF]
Winner of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education, the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation of South Africa figures among those think-tanks which seek to shed light on political decisions in light of social and human sciences. Fanie du Toit, Executive Director of the Institute, answers the questions asked by SHSviews.

Dossier - Social and human sciences within National Commissions for UNESCO: Zoom on Cuba [PDF]
SHSviews continues on its journey across the world to explore how social and human sciences are understood within National Commissions for UNESCO. After the Philippines, Canada and Malawi, this new issue makes a stopover in Cuba, with which UNESCO enjoys historical convergences.

Also in SHSviews n°22 [PDF]:

    Duty to be vigilant, by Pierre Sané, Assistant Director-General of UNESCO for social and human sciences

    Promoting principles, practices and ethical norms
  • Human cloning once again stirs a heated debate at the United Nations
  • The role of bioethics committees are discussed in the Russian Federation
  • Journalists meet in Armenia to discuss human rights
  • Belarus and Israel join forces for ethics teaching
  • 3rd meeting of the French-speaking world on bioethics in Quebec
  • Meeting in Cairo on the responsibilities of researchers

  • Contributing to the dialogue of civilizations and cultures
  • 2000 NGO representatives in Paris to reaffirm human rights
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights : Article 28 at the forefront in Cartagena
  • African Great Lakes: working towards a research centre for women
  • Experts’ meeting on the right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress
  • Mobilization against poverty, a denial of human rights
  • AIDS: the urgency to act on social inequalities
  • Greater Horn Horizon: a question of identity
  • World Philosophy Day - New philosophical practices: debates, theatre and jazz at UNESCO
  • A question for… Dr Catherine Dolto
  • 2nd Philosophical Asia/Arab States Dialogue on the role of philosophy in war and peace

  • Directing research for action in the service of populations
  • A Forum of Ministers of ECOWAS for the people
  • 1st Forum of Ministers for Social Development in East Africa
  • Private sector’s social responsibility is on the agenda in Arab States
  • MOST Maghreb online
  • UNESCO participates in the 4th World Urban Forum
  • Debate in Quito on coexistence and urban chaos
  • Working Towards a UNESCO 5-year Action Plan for Youth in Africa
  • Juan Guerra promises to combat youth violence
  • Burundi: Making peace for and with young people
  • Designation of 3 UNESCO Champions for Sport
  • Anti-doping: regional conference in South Africa
  • International congress in Jamaica on sport for peace and development

  • Publications
  • Bioethics and human rights: the publication of the reports of the International Bioethics Committee
  • A world reference for teaching bioethics
  • How should we talk about migration? A UNESCO handbook

  • Readers’ forum
    “Re-thinking” together rights and power, by Giovanni Puglisi, President of the Italian Commission to UNESCO and the Foundation Banco di Sicilia

    Back cover
    The calendar of SHS activities for November and December 2008

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