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SHSviews 24 - April-June 2009

UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Sector Magazine


The first World Social Sciences Forum, the Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO, and an interview with a high official from ECOWAS in the headlines of SHSviews N° 24

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This issue of SHSviews covers topical issues from April to June 2009: 

An Interview with Professor Lambert N’galadjo Bamba, High-ranking Official from ECOWAS: “Development is a change in attitudes” [PDF]

In the hope of being able to follow the paths of development, Africa must develop a strategy for the creation and retention of wealth and use the global financial crisis to formulate and initiative its own model of development: these are the beliefs of Professor Lambert N'galadjo Bamba, Commissioner for Macroeconomic Policy Department of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), interviewed at the meeting of the Steering Committee of the future West Africa Institute, held in March 2009 in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire).

Special Section: First World Social Sciences Forum [PDF]

The first World Social Sciences Forum will bring together more that 800 participants inBergen (Norway) from 10 to 12 May 1009 on the theme: “One Planet – Worlds Apart?” and will provide a unique opportunity to assess the relevance of social sciences in the context of the global financial crisis.

  • In Bergen: “One Planet – Worlds Apart?”
  • Migration, the missing link of globalization
  • Heide Hackmann: “The current crisis raises critical questions for social sciences”
  • Debate on social development at the 9th IGC of MOST
  • Why is UNESCO making the research-policy nexus a priority?
  • Integrity of scientific research
  • A new World Social Science Report
  • “Social integration”, a priority for the United Nations

Social and Human Sciences within National Commissions for UNESCO: Focus on the Netherlands [PDF]

After the Philippines, Canada, Malawi, Cuba and LebanonSHSviews continues its international tour of National Commissions for UNESCO by visiting the Netherlands, where natural sciences and social and human sciences are treated equally by a Committee whose aim is to contribute to sustainable human development.

  • The Netherlands builds bridges between the sciences
  • Acting tirelessly to protect and promote human rights
  • A question for… Barbara M. Oomen, Department of Social Science at the Roosevelt Academy of the University of Utrecht
  • Enabling youth to make themselves heard
  • Three questions for… Josee van Eijndhoven, President of the Science Committee of the Netherlands Commission for UNESCO
  • Promoting ethics and bioethics: a priority for the Netherlands
  • The socio-cultural value of water: a model project
  • For further reading

Also in SHSviews n°24: [PDF]

    Pandemics and Bioethics, by Pierre Sané, Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences
    Promoting Principles, Practices and Ethical Norms
  • Cooperation: Towards an international network of National Bioethics Committee
  • Mexico: Report of the 16th session of the International Bioethics Committee
  • “NanoCap” comes to Brussels
  • Workshop on environmental ethics in Lomé
  • Call for entries: Avicenna Prize 2009
  • COMEST: Development of nanotechnologies : A key debate in the Arab States
  • Climate change: In Monaco, experts at the Arctic’s bedside
    Directing Research for Action in the Service of Populations
  • Regional integration: a future research institute in Cape Verde
  • Greater Horn of Africa : a question of identity
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: UNESCO manages a project for youth with 21 organizations
  • UNESCO at the Vanguardia Latina Forum
  • Ireland: a UNESCO Chair on Youth and Civic Engagement
    Contributing to the Dialogue of Civilizations and Cultures
  • Global governance : Advocating for social justice and human rights in London
  • The financial crisis and gender issues: a study carried out on five continents
  • Poverty and human rights: creation of a UNESCO Chair at the University of Bologna
  • Small grants for research in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Argentina to host an International Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights
  • Racism: what challenges for UNESCO?
  • Cities against racism: extending ECCAR to Eastern Europe
    Readers’ Forum
    “Immigration policies or migration policies” by Marcello Balbo, President of the UNESCO Chair in Social and Spatial Inclusion of International Migrations : Urban Policies and Practice at the IUAV University in Venice (Italy)
  • Is the right to free movement a human right?
  • The IJMS is interested the return of migrants to their countries of origin
  • The ISSJ revisits the concept of the Nation-State
  • Opening schools to prevent violence
  • Human Rights in Brazil
  • An introduction to environmental ethics
  • Learning about bioethics while having fun!
  • More ethics = more development
  • Should nanotechnologies be a cause of apprehension?
  • Background, principles and application of the Declaration
    Back Cover
  • Publication: A handbook for city professionals in India
  • Calendar from May to July 2009

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