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SHSviews 26 - October-December 2009

UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Sector Magazine


Interview with Olabiyi Babalola Joseph Yaï, outgoing Chairman of UNESCO’s Executive Board: “UNESCO should be the locomotive of thinking on governance” / Dossier – Focus on Senegal / Reader's Forum: “The choice of social capital”, by José Fogaça

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This issue of SHSviews covers topical issues from October to December 2009:

Interview with Olabiyi Babalola Joseph Yaï: “UNESCO should be the locomotive of thinking on governance” [PDF]

The news magazine of the Social and Human Sciences Sector continues its journey through UNESCO National Commissions, and stopped over this time in Senegal, and discovered a Commission which pays special attention to social and human sciences, considering that they can help grasp the complexity of contemporary issues.

Dossier: Focus on Senegal [PDF]

  • A Commission committed to development
  • 3 questions for… Aminata Diaw Cissé, Chairperson of the Sub-Commission for Social and Human Sciences of the Senegalese Commission for UNESCO
  • Understanding better the contribution of population movements
  • Working for human rights with UNESCO Associated Schools
  • The fight against poverty: making youth a priority

Continuing the debate opened in No. 24 on the inclusion of all populations, including migrants, in cities, the last issue of the year opens its columns to the Mayor of Porto Alegre (Brazil), José Fogaça, where he explains how “local solidarity governance” practised in this municipality gives citizens the power to control and more autonomy over local development strategies and quality of life.

Reader’s forum: “The choice of social capital” by José Fogaça [PDF]

Also in SHSviews n°26 [PDF] :

Editorial by Pierre Sané

  • Climate change: rising to the ethical challenge

Ethics of science

  • Energy technologies: a challenge for research in Asia
  • Climate change: moving towards a universal ethnical framework? 
  • Creating a national network of bioethics in Bangladesh
  • El Salvador establishes its National Bioethics Committee
  • Bioethics: the European Commission and UNESCO form an alliance 
  • Debate in Japan on “What is medical”? 
  • 16th session of the International Bioethics Committee (IBC) in Mexico 
  • 1 question for Toivo Maimets, Vice-President of the International Bioethics Committee (IBC) 

Appointment of Irina Bokova as Director-General of UNESCO

Human Rights

  • Sharing scientific progress: the demand increases
  • Against discrimination related to HIV/AIDS: UNESCO and UNAIDS mobilize Eastern Europe
  • 1st meeting of the International Network of Women Philosophers 
  • 1 question for Barbara Cassin, a founding member of the Network of Women Philosophers
  • The Mediterranean: “Women become involved”
  • Philosophy, poetics, aesthetics and music
  • A Philosophy Day for dialogue between cultures
  • 4th International Conference in Cairo and 1st Permanent Forum of Arab-African Dialogue
  • Asia-Pacific: Human security in schools
  • Africa: November at the “Greater Horn Horizon”
  • Colloquium “The Haitian Revolution and the Universality of Human Rights” 
  • The International Coalition of Cities against Racism increases its action
  • European coalition: Conference in Toulouse
  • Antiracism: European football clubs involve themselves
  • Students from all around the world advocate against discrimination 
  • Lauren Child/UNESCO: a beautiful story of solidarity
  • “Criança Esperança”: success of the TV Globo/UNESCO campaign 

Social Transformations

  • UNESCO is finalizing two strategies for youth
  • The 6th UNESCO Youth Forum calls on States to invest in youth 
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: Selection of the best youth policies
  • Fight against juvenile violence: 2nd Forum of Ministers of Youth in Central America
  • Sport to overcome trauma and for disaster response 
  • Anti-doping: A meeting at UNESCO... 
  • ... and in the Cook Islands
  • Social Development: Forum in Latin America to respond to the crisis 
  • East Africa: 2nd Regional Forum of Ministers of Social Development 
  • What empowerment does civil society have in urban policies?


  • Regional integration in ECOWAS: a book collection as food for thought
  • Indicators against racism
  • Human security: approaches and challenges
  • Two new policy papers in the MOST2 series exploring research/policy links
  • What kind of Europe for migrant children?
  • A UNESCO to the global fight against racism
  • Urban governance, violence and poverty in the headlines of the ISSJ 

On the back cover

  • UNESCO’s action against poverty: Benin, Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal 
  • Calendar of events from October to December 2009 

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