31.03.2010 - UNESCO Social and Human Sciences

SHSviews 28/29 - April-September 2010

As the month of August 2010 marks the beginning of the International Youth Year, the news magazine of the Social and Human Sciences Sector of UNESCO dedicates a large part of its columns to actions of the Organization for young people. Covering the news for the months of April to September 2010, this double issue is also continuing its journey to the National Commissions for UNESCO, by focusing on Morocco.

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In the summary of this issue:


  • A bet on Youth, by the Assistant Director-General of UNESCO for social and Human Sciences p.2

Ethics of Sciences

  • Climate change: July is a decisive month p.3
  • A Regional Centre for Bioethics opens in Cairo p.4
  • New members of COMEST and of those of the IBC p.6
  • Ethics training courses in Croatia p.6
  • 17th session of IBC end October 2010 at UNESCO p.6

Human Rights

  • Fourth World Forum on Human Rights: the crisis at the heart of discussions p.7
  • Red card for racism with FC Barcelona p.8
  • Graz and Toulouse evaluate the current situation of human rights and discrimination p.8
  • Calgary and Gatineau: cities in action for integration p.9
  • Education of children in distress: Continuation of the partnership “My Life is a Story” p.9
  • Social demand: a priority for the Greater Horn Horizon Forum p.10
  • Great Lakes: Tanzania hosts the 3rd Forum of Ministers for Women’s Affairs p.11
  • “10 ideas for tomorrow’s Africa” competition p.12
  • UNESCO Clubs: at UNESCO, 120 children say no to isolationism p.12

Social Transformations

  • 12 August 2010 – 12 August 2011: A year for young people p.13
  • World Youth Conference in Mexico p.14
  • Pre-Conference in Brazil p.15
  • Dina KrausKopf: “In confronting the crisis, we must make youth a priority” p.16
  • The First Forum of Ministers for Social and Sustainable Development in the Caribbean p.18
  • Africa: UNESCO at the 3rd Conference of African Ministers in charge of Youth p.20
  • Great Lakes, Africa: Round table against juvenile delinquency p.20
  • MOST Programme: A new Research & Policy Book Series p.21
  • Support for MOST Liaison Committees p.21

Dossier: Focus on Morocco

  • A Commission striving for modernization p.24
  • Promoting human rights among young people p.25
  • Three questions for… Touria Majdouline p.25
  • Re-establishing and promoting philosophy to consolidate the contribution of the social sciences p.26
  • Bioethics and the environment: an interdisciplinary approach p.27
  • For further reading p.27


  • World Social Science Report 2010: Knowledge Divides p.28
  • Migration, environment and climate change p.30
  • Human Rights: Questions and Answers Book by Leah Levin translated into Arabic p.30
  • HIV and AIDS: What can we do? p.30
  • Teaching kit for the integration of migrants p.30

Reader’s Forum

  • “The wall and bridges”: By Giovanna Marconi p.31

Last Minute

  • Arab-African Forum: continuing the dialogue p.32

Calendar for June until September 2010 p.32

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