31.03.2010 - UNESCO Social and Human Sciences

SHSviews - Special Issue 2001-2010

UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Sector Magazine


SHSviews 27 is accompanied by a special issue covering the strategy of UNESCO’s Social and Human Sciences programme for 2001-2011 and looks back over the main results obtained during the past decade.

Download SHSviews [PDF, 3 MB]

Table of contents:

  • UNESCO’s social and human sciences strategy for 2010-2011 (p.2)
  • Three questions for… Pierre Sané (p.3)
  • The ethical challenges of climate change (p.5)
  • The Youth Challenge (p.8)
  • Strengthening the social research-policy nexus (p.9)
  • Promoting human rights and empowering women (p.10)
  • SHS : 10 years of action in pictures (p.12)
  • CENTRAL POSTER / The UNESCO network in Social and Human Sciences

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