13.03.2019 - Social and Human Sciences Sector

Evaluation of the Anti-Doping Fund: the way forward

After a decade of implementation, an external evaluation of the Fund was carried out to assess its effectiveness and sustainability, in order to adapt the Fund's mechanisms to the current anti-doping landscape.

The evaluation was conducted with an inclusive approach, to ensure the participation of States Parties to the Convention, as well as Fund beneficiaries and different relevant stakeholders.

The evaluation proposes nine recommendations – namely on performance, relevance and value, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability – which will contribute to the development of new strategies to ensure that the Fund adequately serves to address the priorities and the strategic areas identified by the evaluation, and that it responds to the real needs of States Parties, thus contributing to the implementation of the Convention on the ground.

The evaluation outcomes were acknowledged by the Fund’s Approval Committee and the Bureau of the Conference of Parties (COP), and will be reflected in an Action Plan to be discussed at the Seventh Session of the COP (29-31 October 2019).

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