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Fight against doping: 27 new projects supported

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On Tuesday 17 September 2013, 27 new project proposals, totaling more than US$600,000, were approved by the Approval Committee for the UNESCO Fund for the Elimination of Doping in Sport in a meeting that was held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris (France). These 27 projects will bring the total number of national and international projects, supported by the Fund since its establishment in 2008, to 120 initiatives worth more than US$ 2.1 million.

The projects that have been approved are:

  • Preventing doping: sport as school of values (Spain)
  • Building Awareness on anti-doping measures amongst Indian Sportspersons (India)
  • Anti-doping education and establishment of a behavioural pattern in Belarusian society preventing doping by young athletes (Belarus)
  • Development of the national anti-doping education programme (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
  • Yes I can….Play True (Panama)
  • Understanding prohibited substances, anti-doping education, prevention and information programmes (Montenegro)
  • Anti-doping education, printing materials for athletes and monitoring activities of sports federations in making their own anti-doping regulations (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Awareness and commitment campaign on anti-doping in Philippine sports (Republic of the Philippines)
  • Capacity-development for leaders of national anti-doping sports federations and the simplification of national anti-doping rules (Togo)
  • Educating new national federations about anti-doping and their roles and responsibilities as partners of JADO in fighting doping in sport (Jordan)
  • ‘Ik Sport Clean’ (I Compete Clean - Suriname)
  • Capacity for National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs), coaches and sport physicians in the Indian Ocean region Regional Project (Seychelles)
  • Sensitize and educate young athletes on the fight against doping during the finals of the National School Sports Games (Cameroon)
  • “Outreach Program” 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games, Veracruz Regional project (Guatemala)
  • Development of the national anti-doping education program and improvement of administrative procedures of National Anti-Doping Commission (NADC) to strengthen the fight against the use of prohibited substances and methods in sport (Albania)
  • Regional seminar on anti-doping in sport for capacity development of National Anti-Doping Organizations in member countries of the South Asian Regional Anti-Doping Organization Regional project (Maldives)
  • Playing Clean: Cayman Islands Anti-Doping Workshop, School Visits and Team Preparation (United Kingdom (on behalf of the Cayman Islands))
  • Anti-doping education and awareness in Vietnam (Vietnam)
  • Fair-Play Day (United States of America (on behalf of Puerto Rico))
  • Spreading awareness in the fight against doping in Iraq through teachers and students (Iraq)
  • No doping, No danger, Clean win (Côte d’Ivoire)
  • Training and awareness-raising programme to strengthen anti-doping education (Mexico)
  • Refresher seminar for top Bolivian athletes on the list of prohibited substances and methods (Bolivia)
  • Anti-Doping Activity in Mongolia (Mongolia)
  • A training session for members of NOC medical commissions and doctors of national teams in the member countries of Africa Zones II and III RADO Regional project (Niger)
  • Capacity development to strengthen the Africa Zone V Regional Anti-Doping Program Regional project ( Burundi)
  • Creating Play True and anti-doping education advocates (Dominican Republic)

Covering all regions of the world, these projects allow for the implementation of prevention programmes, the formulation of specific legislation against doping and the implementation of activities that strengthen capacities to fight against doping, especially in less developed countries. Here follows a regional breakdown of projects implemented to date:

  • Africa (35 projects)
  • Arab States (8 projects)
  • Asia and the Pacific (14 projects)
  • Europe and North America (22 projects)
  • Latin America and the Caribbean (41 projects).

The members of the Approval Committee for the UNESCO Fund for the Elimination of Doping in sport for 2013 are Mr Gennady ALESHIN (Russian Federation), Mr Ahmad AL KHAZAL Koweït), Mr Neil MURRELL (Barbados), Mr Constant ROUX (Côte d’Ivoire), Mr Bill ROWE (Australia) and Mr Joe VAN RYN (Canada).

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