There are many types of drugs that are banned in sport because of the damage they can do to an athlete's health and to fair play. Every year a new list of banned drugs is prepared by the World Anti-Doping Agency. These drugs fall within the following categories: 

  • Stimulants may increase concentration and reduce tiredness, but they can also damage the heart;
  • Steroids can increase muscle and strength, but they harm the heart, liver and reproductive system and can cause sudden death;
  • Hormones can have a variety of useful medical purposes, but they can be harmful when you are young and still growing;
  • Diuretics may help with weight loss but they cover up the use of other banned drugs and can cause dehydration and fatigue;
  • Narcotics can relieve pain but this could lead to a lasting injury;
  • Cannabinoids (hashish, marijuana) can act as relaxants, but may also lead to a loss of coordination and concentration.

Even if you take something by accident it is still considered doping. Ultimately, you are responsible for everything that goes into your body.

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