The present state of the ABC project

Five Committees have already been established in:

  • Madagascar
  • Togo
  • Ghana
  • Guinea
  • Gabon

Five Member States are in the process of discussing the establishment of a NBC.

  • Malawi
  • Mauritius
  • Jamaica
  • Cape Verde
  • Chad

Four requests are involved in the ABC project from the following Member States, commissions and delegations:

  • Malaysia
  • Colombia
  • Nigeria
  • El Salvador

There have also been requests from Peru, Senegal and Kenya, but the request from Peru was a private initiative and the requests from Senegal and Kenya relate to health research ethics committees, i.e. committees that do not comply with the ABC project.

Technical support has been provided. Documentations [PDF] have been sent to the following:

  • Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO (2 packages)
  • Malgasy National Commission for UNESCO (2 packages)
  • UNESCO Office Nairobi (2 packages) (Regional Documentation Center in Egerton University)
  • Gabonese Centre of Research in Ethics and Health (1 package)
  • Dr Pierre-Blaise Matsiegu, Gabon (1 package)

Discussions have been undertaken with experienced National Ethics Committees about the possibility of providing support and training of the secretariats [PDF] of newly established National Bioethics Committees in selected developing countries.

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