Call for Advice: Revision of the UNESCO Recommendation on the Status of Scientific Researchers

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UNESCO calls for advice and comments regarding the revision of the UNESCO Recommendation on the Status of Scientific Researchers. This Recommendation is recognized globally in the 195 Member States of UNESCO since its adoption in 1974. This instrument was created in order to help Member States to formulate and execute adequate policy frameworks for science and technology production, aiming, inter alia, to support researchers and encourage new entrants. The possible revision will allow for changes and contemporary challenges to be better reflected.

The General Conference of UNESCO, at its 37th session held in Paris in November 2013, has decided to begin a process that may result in revision of the original text, in order to give account to changes in the last forty years. The intention is to enrich the still-valid existing text, so that it reflects better today’s concerns about science in relation to society.

For example, this General Conference considered it important that the Recommendation reflect contemporary ethical and regulatory challenges relating to the governance of science and the science-society relationship, taking into account the 1999 Declaration on Science and the use of Scientific Knowledge and the 2005 Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, in order to provide a powerful and relevant statement of science ethics as the basis for science policies.

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UNESCO calls for advice and comments from its partners and others who are concerned. All stakeholders are invited to contribute suggestions for revision of the original text, or to submit comments as to what should not change.

The consultation process will be conducted according to the following schedule:

Please note that all replies should be succinct. This webpage will publish information throughout the period of the consultation.

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