Establishment of regional information and documentation centers

When activities in a particular region have started, an important resource for future activities will be the availability of adequate information and documentation regarding materials from the region itself, and in the official working language used in that region.

It is imperative that the documentation and categorisation of materials will be consistent with the methods and rules used for the Global Ethics Observatory. In this way, efficiency will be maximised and the off-spin optimised. With the promotion of ethics teaching programs, it will be necessary to provide educational resources and to make documentation and information available for students and teachers.

Two regional documentation and information centers have been established:

  • Vilnius, Lithuania

    The Regional Bioethics Doumentation Centre in Vilnius was officially opened on 13th September 2004. The Centre has been set up in the Medical Faculty of the University of Vilnius thanks to joint efforts of the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO and UNESCO.

    The aim of the Centre is to collect and disseminate relevant information regarding bioethics, in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, build up local expertise and stimulate the development of ethical debate and analysis nationally and regionally. The Centre collaborates with GEObs in providing support and materials in the Russian language.

  • Egerton University, Njoro Campus, Kenya

    The UNESCO Regional Bioethics Centre was officially opened on 14th May 2007.

    The mandate of the Centre is
    1. furtherance of bioethical activities as outlined by UNESCO in various documents and declarations,
    2. coordination and supervision of research and education on bioethics in the region,
    3. storage of information in bioethics including bioethical tradition practices. Thus the centre will be a regional databank on bioethics issues.
    4. Developing infrastructure for training and institutional capacity building;
    5. initiating public debate in bioethical issues.
    On 12th –14th August 2008, the Centre hosted a Conference on Bioethical Perspectives and Practices in Research, Medicine, Life Sciences and Related Technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa, which gathered researchers, scientists, observers, and guests from Sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world with an interest in bioethical issues in Africa. Download the Conference proceedings [PDF, 541 KB]
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