Ethics Teachers’ Training Courses (ETTC)

The Ethics Teachers’ Training Courses (ETTC) are one of the main components of UNESCO’s bioethics professional capacity-building programme, targeting bioethics or ethics of science educators who have recently begun teaching, or will soon commence their teaching careers at various institutions of higher education.

Ethics Teachers' Training Courses are designed to

  • introduce participants to the means and resources for teaching ethics of sciences and bioethics;
  • teach participants methodologies and methods for teaching ethics of sciences and bioethics;
  • assess and provide feedback on participants’ demonstrations of teaching skills under the guidance of experienced facilitators.

Ethics Teacher Training Courses are conducted by a team composed of international and local experts with extensive experience in ethics and bioethics education.

More information can also be found in the ETTC Brochure [PDF].


The Courses are based on a five-day training session developed by UNESCO in collaboration with global experts in ethics and bioethics education.

Modules include the following key components:

  • The UNESCO Core Curriculum as a tool for promoting quality ethics education.
  • Global and national perspectives on ethics teaching: trends, challenges and opportunities.
  • Sharing experiences in ethics teaching from local perspectives.
  • Classroom communication: pedagogy and psychology of ethics teaching.
  • Ethics teaching in action: what and how to teach (approaches and methods).
  • Simulated teaching presentations by participants followed by feedback from the Course facilitators.

Within this framework, the Course can be modified to accommodate specific needs and expectations of the country and the region hosting the training.


The venues for ETTC events are selected based on the expressed regional and national capacity-building need for bioethics education, and an agreement made with the hosting institution. Often, the ETTC is offered in conjunction with the introduction of Bioethics Core Curriculum in the participating universities, with a view to training the instructors working with the curriculum.

If you are interested

There is no tuition fee to participate in Ethics Teaching Training Courses. However, participants are expected to cover the costs related to travel to the venue, as well as accommodation and food for the duration of the training session.

If you are interested in participating in one of our courses, you must apply according to the on-line programme, by submitting a registration form, along with a letter of motivation (minimum of 600 words), stating the reasons for your wish to participate in the course and your expectations for the use of the acquired knowledge.

You must have a Master’s or higher degree in domains such as law, biology, medicine, philosophy, ethics, or social sciences, and have some interest/experience in the ethical dimensions of these areas. Moreover, you need to have experience or solid plans to teach ethics as well as a University affiliation; and a good command of the language of instruction (English or French depending on the region of the training).


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