UNESCO Chairs assist the Organisation in the implementation of its program.

A Chair may be developed within a university department by reinforcing an existing teaching/research programme in the field of bioethics or ethics of science and technology and giving it an international dimension.

Existing chairs in the field of bioethics:

  • UNESCO Chair of Bioethics(569) established in 2001 at Haifa University, Israel
    Director: Professor Amnon Carmi
  • UNESCO Chair of Bioethics (3), established in 1994 at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Director: Professor Dr. Salvador Dario Bergel
  • UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (126), established in 1998 at Egerton University, Kenya
    Director: Professor Dr. Jude Mathooko
  • UNESCO Chair in Bioethics: “Biojuridica y Bioetica” (487), established in 1999 at the University Feminina del Sagrado Corazon, Peru
    Director: Professor Maria Dolores Vila-Coro
  • UNESCO Chair in Bioethics: “Bioetica en el contexto de America Latina”, established in 2005 at the University of Brasilia, Brazil.
    Director: Professor Dr. Volnei Garrafa
  • UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, established in 2005 at the Ethics and Public Policy Centre, Washington DC, USA
    Director: Dr. Edward Whelan III
  • UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Clinical Medicine, established in 2007 at the Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias, Mexico D.F., Mexico
    Director: Professor dr. Fernando Cano Valle
  • UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, established in 2007 at the University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
    Director: Professor dr Maria Casado

Chairs in the field of ethics of science and technology:

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