Extraordinary Session (Paris, 2004)

Extraordinary Session of the International Bioethics Committee (IBC) on "Towards a Declaration on Universal Norms on Bioethics".

Within the framework of the elaboration of a declaration on universal norms on bioethics, the International Bioethics Committee (IBC) decided to hold an Extraordinary Session on the scope and structure of the future declaration. The Session will be organized around hearings of representatives of intergovernmental organizations, international non-governmental organizations and national bioethics committees. The oral presentation of each speaker will be followed by a « questions/answer » exchange with Members of IBC.

All organizations and institutions are invited to send a written contribution following the outline herebelow preferably before 30 March 2004. Whilst, due to the time constraints, it will not be possible for everyone to make an oral presentation during the extraordinary session, participants could be invited by IBC to clarify the views expressed in their written contribution. In any event all contributions will be fully analysed by IBC and will most certainly enhance the debate and reflection during the meeting.

To participate in the extraordinary session in an observer capacity, please send your reply directly to the Division of Ethics of Science and Technology using the registration form herebelow. Because of increased security measures presently in force at UNESCO, only those participants who have returned the enclosed confirmation form before 16 April 2004 will be granted access to UNESCO buildings.

Final Report

Working documents

  • Programme [ENG] [FRE]

  • Outline for the preparation of the written contribution of organizations and institutions on the possible scope and structure of a declaration on universal norms on bioethics [ENG] [FRE]

For all additional information, please contact:

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