Seventh Session (Quito, 2000)

At the kind invitation of the Government of Ecuador, the Seventh Session of the IBC was held in Quito, Ecuador, from 7 to 9 November 2000. Mr Pedro Pinto Rubianes, Vice- President of the Republic of Ecuador, honoured with his presence the opening ceremony, which was attended by more than 170 participants from around 50 countries.

This Session included discussion of the reports of the two Working Groups of the IBC, respectively on the ethical aspects of embryonic stem cell research and on solidarity and international cooperation between developed and developing countries concerning the human genome. Since then, the reports have been finalized on the basis of comments and suggestions made during the Session.

A round-table brought together several experts on the subject of "Education in Bioethics". The interventions and debates showed how education in bioethics must be adapted to each particular audience, including teachers themselves as well as lawyers and judges.

During the session, 'states-of-the-art' on ageing research, neuroscience research and the prospects opened up by completion of the human genome mapping were presented. Moreover, in accordance with Article 24 of the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights, the IBC had a consultation with patient associations.

Finally, aware of the importance of these challenges and of the widening gap between the developed and developing countries in the field, the IBC held a working session on 'Economic aspects of human genome research'.



  • Proceedings of the Seventh Session of the IBC (Vol. I, PDF, 366 KB): this document includes the report of the Session, the speeches delivered, the list of participants, the reports of the IBC on the use of embryonic stem cells in therapeutic research, and on solidarity and international co-operation between developed and developing countries concerning the human genome, and the composition of the IBC.
  • Proceedings of the Seventh Session of the IBC (Vol. II, PDF, 312 KB): This multilingual volume includes the presentations of participants in the round table, the consultation with patient associations and the working session on the economic aspects of human genome research, as well as the state-of-the-art presentations.
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