29.11.2009 - UNESCO Social and Human Sciences

European Commission-UNESCO Conference: Joint Action for Capacity-Building in Bioethics

Further to its postponement for health reasons related to the A(H1N1) influenza epidemic in Mexico City (Mexico), the European Commission-UNESCO Conference (JACOB) (initially scheduled in May 2009) was held in Mexico City, from 26 to 28 November 2009.

As part of UNESCO’s work to strengthen the national bioethics infrastructure of its Member States, and in particular to assist in the establishment and capacity-building of independent, multidisciplinary and pluralist ethics committees, the conference brought together experts and members of the newly established, currently forming and long-standing National Bioethics Committees (NBCs) from various parts of the world.

The Conference, organized with the financial support of the EC, was structured around three major them

  • Emerging Bioethics Issues - local perspectives from the newly established and experienced National Bioethics Committees (series of presentations and discussions on bioethics topics relevant in different regions of the globe, and the national institutional mechanisms for addressing them).
  • Building an international network – devising a common vision for future cross-border collaboration and mutual capacity-building among National Bioethics Committees.
  • Engaging in ethical discourse – thematic discussion on the Report on the Principle of Social Responsibility and Health, elaborated by the International Bioethics Committee (IBC) and finalized during its sixteenth ordinary session, with a special focus on the role of National Bioethics Committees in the promotion of this principle in their respective countries.


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