15.10.2019 -

Participants of the REDLAC in Education in Bioethics sign the Declaration of Havana

Between September 19 and 20, 2019, the IV Regional Seminar on Higher Education in Bioethics was held in the city of Havana: Expanding the curriculum agenda. The event was organized by the Regional Bioethics Program of UNESCO (Montevideo Office) in collaboration with the Félix Varela Center and the University of Havana.

The Seminar was attended by teachers from universities in Latin America and the Caribbean who develop master's and doctoral programs in bioethics, as well as members of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Bioethics Education of UNESCO (REDLACEB). The main achievement of this event was the Declaration of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Bioethics Education of UNESCO, which urges governments to reaffirm the democratizing role of education in Bioethics and to act in overcoming problems that affect the life and health in the Latin American region.

Committed to Human Rights, the declaration arises in a context in which inequality, xenophobia, violence and marginalization of vulnerable populations have increased. What is more, it perceives the impact produced by the environmental crisis and the unsustainable forms of exploitation of natural resources.



Faced with these problems, the signatories participating commit themselves, through their educational role at a higher level, to strengthen the teaching of Human Rights, offer recommendations to public policy makers and permanently support the social demands of civil society through publications, academic events, cultural platforms and media actions.

Based on the Lima Charter (2011) and the Bogotá Charter (2015) of the RedLACEB (UNESCO), the importance of Higher Education as a transforming element of society at the political, social, cultural, artistic, economic and economic level is reaffirmed. Likewise, the Declaration affirms its position of a Higher Education as a public good, a human right and an emblematic element to generate a critical awareness of our society, as was established in the CRES (Córdoba 2018).

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