25.04.2017 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

UNESCO Launches the Ethics Teachers Training Course in Indonesia

Bioethical spotlight will be on Surabaya, Indonesia this week (25-29 April 2017), as UNESCO’s Ethics Teachers Training Course (ETTC) brings together educators from as far as Canada, USA, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India and the Philippines to joint their Indonesian colleagues for intensive and interactive sessions at Airlangga University.

The Course is designed to introduce or improve bioethics teaching at university faculties of law, medicine, philosophy and public policy, in Indonesia and the wider world. Held for the first time in the country, this ETTC is a collaborative effort between UNESCO Jakarta Office, the Airlangga University and the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO.

ETTC Surabaya Programme
List of Facilitators

The opening of the Course featured the launch of the Indonesian version of the Bioethics Core Curriculum developed by UNESCO, which offers a universal yet flexible framework for teaching bioethics, to be adapted according to the cultural and national settings. Several Indonesian universities represented at this ETTC have expressed interest in adopting the Curriculum into their teaching programmes. UNESCO will provide technical support and guidance in this important initiative.

For the rest of the week, the Course will feature sessions delivered by the prominent ethics education experts collaborating with UNESCO on ethics education programme, focusing on what to teach (content), and how to teach (pedagogy), using the Bioethics Core Curriculum developed by UNESCO as the main tool. Integral to the Programme of the Course are the teaching demonstrations by the participants, followed by immediate feedback from the experts and the fellow participants.

The Ethic Teachers Training Course (ETTC) was developed by UNESCO and a group of experts from diverse cultural backgrounds to build the capacity of ethics educators on the methodology and pedagogy behind ethics teaching. UNESCO is committed to promoting global bioethics and working together with the Member States to translate the universal bioethical principles into action through policy-making and education.

Future ETTC Events:

For more information on ETTC project, please consult the ETTC Brochure or contact Irakli Khodeli at Jakarta Office of UNESCO (i.khodeli(at)unesco.org).

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