Objectives and Functions

As discussed and defined by the Forum’s Steering Committee and General Assembly, its objectives and functions are as follows:

  • To provide a platform for dialogue and participation of members of the Forum to promote and strengthen the processes of democratization, the rule of law and respect for human rights in Africa and the Arab region;
  • To help strengthen Arab-African relations and promote cooperation at the legislative, institutional, business, academic and civil society organizations levels;
  • To strengthen the conditions necessary for peace in both regions, given that conflict is incompatible with democracy and human rights and reduces all possibility for their development;
  • To establish and/or strengthen existing research networks, undertake research and studies, disseminate the findings, organize dialogues and debates, and formulate policy recommendations, strategies and plans of action in the fields of democracy and human rights;
  • To promote and undertake advocacy and ensure the participation of the Forum members to raise awareness and effective participation and engagement of the citizens, political actors and other decision-makers in the activities of the Forum and national processes;
  • To encourage policy-makers to promote the participation of women  in political, legislative, social, economic and cultural processes;
  • To promote youth participation in political, legislative, social, economic and cultural processes;
  • To support and strengthen, through partnerships and networks,  the contribution of civil society organizations in promoting democracy and respect for human rights;
  • To encourage and foster implementation of the Forum’s recommendations, resolutions, strategies and plans of action through national ownership, integration and/or adoption of national legislations, strategies, plans of action and other national systems, and to monitor implementation;
  • To promote advocacy activities that support the implementation of regional and international instruments and decisions in the fields of democracy and human rights, and that support existing mechanisms and national institutions;
  • To establish a sound communication programme at the Forum to disseminate all the Forum’s outputs and activities through different media and IT channels;
  • To take any other measures conducive towards the promotion of democracy and human rights in Africa and the Arab region.  
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