10.06.2009 -

The Byblos Letters

The Byblos Centre publishes on a regular basis the ”Byblos Letters" which contain selected articles and conference reports.

  • Issue no 1 Harald Müller: Theories of Peace (Byblos: ICHS, 2003), 37 pp. (English, Arabic)

  • Issue no 2 Karin Kneissl: Culture, Religion and Conflict (Byblos, ICHS, 2003), 95 pp. (English, Arabic, German)

  • Issue no 3 Iliya Harik: Democracy and the Paradoxes of Cultural Diversity. Beyond the Veil of Difference (Byblos ICHS, 2003), 48 pp. (English; Arabic)

  • Issue no 4 Valerie Møller: Peaceful Co-existence in South Africa in the Millennium. A Review of Social Indicators in the 2002 Democracy Study (Byblos: ICHS, 2004), 40 pp.

  • Issue no 5 Tamirace Fakhoury: Ethno-Religious Conflict and Modes of its Regulation (Byblos: ICHS, 2004), 60 pp.

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