09.06.2011 - UNESCO Office in Cairo

Youth, civic engagement and democracy debated in Cairo

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On 9 June 2011 in the Marriott hotel of Cairo, the UNESCO Cairo Office is launching the first in a series of seminars to debate youth, civic engagement and democracy related topics. The first seminar intends to provide an interactive platform where most active representatives of youth from different backgrounds, interests and affiliations can debate the subject of “Democracy and Ethics”. The objectives of the seminar are to discuss the role of youth to foster a democratic society in Egypt. The event is organized in the framework of the celebration of the International Year of Youth (August 2010 - August 2011).

The seminar will be opened with the lecture of a prominent professor Richard Beardsworth (American University of Paris) on “Ethics and Democracy in the Egyptian Context” followed by questions and answers. Then the participants will be divided into three working groups and will be able to share their own experiences and debate about, among other things, the coordination and cooperation mechanisms amongst youth organizations and other stakeholders, priority objectives, actions and needs toward full participation of youth.

The goal of this seminar, for UNESCO, is to engage with the youth civil society so as to implement a larger and more-relevant future initiative in Egypt. Individuals with no formal affiliation but an interest/potential contribution to the agenda are also welcome to participate.

Youth focal points within the United Nations and bilateral donors will also be invited as observers as well as researchers and academics. This will allow mobilizing networks and further instigation of relevant and action-oriented reflection, studies and analyses.


Ms Orio Ikebe (o.ikebe(at)unesco.org)
Programme Specialist- Social and Human Sciences

Ms Rasha Abou-Elazm (r.abou-el-azm(at)unesco.org)
National Professional Officer- Science
Youth Focal Point

UNESCO Office in Cairo, Egypt
Tel.: 27943036/ 27945599

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