Launch of the Coalition of African Cities against Racism and Discrimination

The African Coalition was launched in Nairobi (Kenya) on 20 September 2006, during the 4th Africities Summit (18-24 September 2006). It is part of the International Coalition of Cities against Racism, launched by UNESCO.

Jointly organized by the City of Nairobi and UNESCO, over 150 representatives from African municipalities and civil society organizations attended the launching event of the Coalition. Among the participants were several mayors and representatives of the European Coalition of Cities against Racism (ECCAR), including the City of London (United Kingdom).

The Ten-Point Plan of Action of the African Coalition, which constitutes the main work programme is to be implemented by its members. Given the importance of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on the African continent and the ever existing silence surrounding it, the Ten-Point Plan of Action focuses specifically on fighting HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination, particularly with regard to women, who are most affected by this situation and often suffer from double discrimination.

Local authorities are considered to be key actors in developing a comprehensive response to HIV and AIDS. This is why an alliance of mayors and municipal leaders in Africa, together with the United Nations Development Programme developed the Alliance of Mayors and Municipal Leaders on HIV/AIDS in Africa (AMICAALL). During the launching event of the African Coalition, UNESCO organized, in cooperation with AMICAALL, a thematic panel on HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination and on policies and local initiatives to be developed to tackle this issue.

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