Durban (South Africa)

A City’s good practice towards the elimination of discrimination

The Grants-in-Aid, Non-Racism and Non-Sexism Committee is a committee of the Municipal Council headed by City councillors.  The Grants-in-Aid programme provides communities with equipment to set up self-help initiatives and supports non-profit organisations by providing them with necessities that are either inaccessible or unaffordable to them.  There are eight types of target organisations that may benefit from Grants-in-Aid: cultural, sporting, economic empowerment, education, early childhood development, adult basic education, and social welfare.  The targeted groups are youth, children, the elderly and people with special personal challenges.

The Committee is intended to help communities become self-sufficient by showing citizens how they can contribute to their society. Members of the targeted communities are supported and incited to organise themselves and act together, in order to receive grants and equipment. The Committee also acts on its own initiative towards those who are most in need.

Establishing contact and building relationships with the people is central to this Committee.  The Committee runs poverty alleviation programmes in more than 40 wards, including soup kitchens and skills workshops.  Social meetings are organised for senior citizens, day care centres have been set up, gender issues have been tackled, and a youth desk has been established.

City Information
Durban is the third largest city in South Africa and its municipality a population of almost 4.5 million. Durban is the busiest container port in Africa and a popular tourist destination. The Durban Metropolitan Area has a large and diversified economy with strong manufacturing, tourism, transportation, finance and government sectors. Its coastal location and large port gives it comparative advantage over many other centers in South Africa for export-related industry. Durban's mild climate, warm marine current and culturally diverse population has also provided a draw card for tourism to the region.

Durban is a member of the Coalition of African Cities against Racism and Discrimination.

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