Gatineau (Canada)

A City’s good practice towards the elimination of discrimination

Within the framework of the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination and its Ten Point Plan of Action, the City of Gatineau provides an initiation for municipal life. Informing new residents of the services available to them is a priority for the City of Gatineau. In an attempt to familiarise newcomers with their new surroundings, the City offers two free welcome activities.

Each year the City provides a bus tour of Gatineau that takes participants to different sites across the City. The stops include a variety of municipal offices, as well as a sports facility, police station and the regional transportation office (Société de Transport de l’Outaouais).

The City also hosts a free day-long event, Initiation to Municipal Life, on six dates throughout the year. This educational session is designed to share information with newcomers about municipal life and services. In particular, participants learn about the various City departments and by-laws, and about different ways they can participate in the Municipality. Participants are also informed about crime prevention, protection, safety, laws, and the rights and responsibilities of Gatineau residents by a representative of the Gatineau Police Service.

By providing these two initiation programmes, the City of Gatineau enables newcomers to find their way in the basic municipal services and learn about life in the City. It is a way to show a positive attitude of the City towards immigrants, and it thereby encourages them to take part in the City. This welcome programme is also an occasion for individuals to meet City authorities in person, and to ask questions that they may have. Newcomers also get to know other people in their situation, which facilitates their integration in city life.

City Information
The City of Gatineau is a city in western Quebec, Canada. It is the fourth largest city in the province. Gatineau had a population of 242,124, and metropolitan population of 1,130,761, as of the 2006 census. In 2009 it had an estimate population of 301,416, and metropolitan estimate of 1,220,674.

Gatineau has been a member of the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination since November 2006.

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