Graz (Austria)


A City’s good practice towards the elimination of discrimination

Within the framework of the European Coalition of Cities against Racism Ten Point Plan of Action, the City of Graz has organized trainings for its municipal staff to raise the awareness of the city’s agents to discrimination and cultural diversity issues. It ensures that the employees will be more careful about their everyday practices in their relation to residents. These programs are adapted to the staff’s needs, therefore they are able to fill the existing gaps in the municipality’s practices. The regularity of the seminars is a good way to ensure the follow-up of the previous trainings and to keep the importance of this issue in the minds of the municipal agents.

The city of Graz provides its local authority staff with regular trainings in the fields of ethnic and cultural diversity management and intercultural dialogue. Municipal employees are also taught how to develop their competences in anti-discriminatory practice, how to manage culturally delicate situations and provide appropriate services. The city has set up both introductory and advanced training, which content is based on the assessment of the employees’ needs. At least 3 annual seminars with a special thematic reference are provided by the academy of administration.

City Information
The City of Graz is the second-largest city in Austria after Vienna and the capital of the federal state of Styria. On 1 April 2010 it had a population of 291,890 (of which 258,605 had principal residence status). Graz has a long tradition as a student city: its six universities have more than 44,000 students.

Graz has been a member of the European Coalition of Cities against Racism since 29 June 2006.

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