Maseru (Lesotho)

A City’s good practice towards the elimination of discrimination

The ‘Test your Team’ campaign is a mechanism that combines fun and sport with education, in order to reach all the youth and teach them the basic knowledge of HIV prevention and consequences. The campaign features one-day football festivals, targeting all youth between 10 and 18 years to help them to face HIV-testing and their own status in a supportive, fun and peer-driven environment.

The football festival provides the opportunity to learn about HIV prevention and stigma in an environment of positive pressure. Through education and sports, all youth can learn about the importance of testing. Trophies and awards are given to the team that has the most people tested for HIV. The main elements of this campaign are culture of learning and education, sports and breaking down stigma and prejudice. With this project, they are training residents about the importance of testing and confronting stigma and equipping infected people with the necessary knowledge to deal with their situation. By this means, The City of Maseru is taking positive steps to mobilise people against the development of stigmatisation.

City Information
Maseru is Lesotho's biggest city and its capital, with a population of approximately 227,880 (as of 2006). Maseru's economy is one that is growing at a very rapid speed which is notable particularly in terms of foreign investment and tourism.

Lesotho is a member of the Coalition of African Cities against Racism and Discrimination.

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