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A City’s good practice towards the elimination of discrimination

In the context of its work as an anti-discrimination office within the municipal administration, the Women’s Office provides advice and support to women, who are victims and witnesses of discriminating behaviour. The Women’s Office is in charge of support for female staff in the municipal administration, in safeguarding their interest and ensuring equal treatment. Its role is particularly important at the stage of recruitment and promotions.

The Office is entrusted with the establishment of a ‘Girls’ Day’, giving girls an opportunity to get a glimpse of various technical professions. Another task of the Office is to implement gender mainstreaming, i.e. the promotion of gender equality in personal and organisational tasks across all municipal departments.  It also includes the development and improvement of a plan for the promotion of women with measures for balancing and decreasing professional disadvantages of female employees.

The Office has to report regularly on the gender-specific employment situation and communicate on existing discrimination of women, including violence against women, which is the most frequent human rights violation. The Office cooperates with women’s organisations and provides advice to Nuremberg’s female citizens on women’s and equality issues.  

City Information
The population (as of December 2010) is 505,664. The "European Metropolitan Area Nuremberg" has 3.5 million inhabitants. Nuremberg is a multicultural city: 37% of the residents have an immigrant background. Nuremberg is still an important industrial centre with a strong standing in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Items manufactured in the area include electrical equipment, mechanical and optical products, motor vehicles, writing and drawing paraphernalia, stationery products, and printed materials.

Nuremberg has been a member of the European Coalition of Cities against Racism since December 2007.

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